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Design Guidelines
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WEB DESIGN - Design Guidelines...

Web-site development process will be divided on several stages. Each stage will be discussed in detail and recorded in Project Intranet site. An Intra / Extra-net site is provided for each project, as a communication interface for data sharing and collaboration between Client and designing team. This site is only for project purpose and not for Internet public. The stages in website designing will consist of the following task: 

Data Gathering:
define general project requirements. Client's input and general concept are needed for the following subjects: 
Market target, objectives & goals
Schedule & Estimation Budget
Website requirements
The advantage of the current Internet Technology is the flexibility to develop the web content depend on the Internet market needs. Web development can be gradually expanded and updated on frequently basis. With this concept our client can adjust their budget following the development phase.
E-business and its Internet environment grows faster and keep promising. However, a proper strategy has to be taken and decided carefully while entering the Internet world. The Internet technology is only supporting tools for website development and it has to be considered as a small part of E-Business. The success key point, will depend on design planning objectives and goals itself. 


Project Proposal:
Based on client's information, we collect provide the general project requirements, which will included the following subjects: 
Strategy, Planning and Client Needs
Preparation of the Scope Document
Design and Specification 
In most case, web pages can grows dynamically, following the user and market demand. Updated and interactive pages are needed to attract visitors exploring the information. Web content is the benchmark for your brand-image presence. Web Designer does not write the client's content. It is recommended to use the copy writer or expertise to design your text content. 


Design Concept:
Once the project proposal has been approved by the client, the designing team then start to implement the ideas in conceptual development process. Web content, style and graphic design will be the component in the design concept stage. Creative, simplicity and innovation are needed to integrate the site performances and requirements. 
Project Intranet site publishing
Conceptual Design 
Draft Layout alternates 
For communication interface between client and the designing team, the Intranet site will be used for each project development.
The team will produce at least 2 draft design prototype and layout, and published to the Intranet Project site. The Client will choose one of the alternates design, as a production basis. 


Production will commence immediately upon approval of the prototype design. The Client together with the production team will follow each progress from the Intranet site. Since the Internet users has various operating system platforms, the following subjects will become the important thing in the production process: 
Browser's compatibility
Modem speed
User's navigation and links
Any major changes requested during the production phase, such as changes to the site structure, layout, graphics, etc., will require Revision Order that may affect to the schedule and budget of the project. The revision order will consist of a detailed description of the changes to be made, related to the additional cost of the revision work.


Web Publishing:
The designing team will run several test for the overall web pages before publish it to the web server. 
Web pages test
Web publishing
Final - Maintenance period
Maintenance Period - 15 times free editing works:
Personal Plan - 1 week
Professional Plan - 3 months
Corporate Plan - 6 months


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