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Our Professional Plan package will meet most of businesses requirements and needs  for their homepage creation. It will consist of 5- 15 web pages, include logo, navigation button and page links. Arrangement an initial stage in web-site design is to evaluate its benefits for the web-site owner. The success web-site can has a mutual benefits through the Internet connection. Links web-pages are not only the way to jump to others place, but it can create a networking promotions for an integrated business activities. Web is a real 'web', it means how you can get the advantages of the world wide networking.

The following items are the design requirements for Professional Plan:

Pages content and draft concept. We are not provide the web content. It is recommended if you use copy writer or expertise in writing materials. There is no constraint for your page height in a page content. However, it is recommended to limit it by two times scrolling the monitor screen.

Audience target. Tell us your objectives and goals for your web site.

Any photo, images or graphic illustration which are related with your web-site.

For cost of the Professional Plan please fill up our contact form . You will get 15 times free editing within a month after the final web site publishing. Please refer to design guideline for further detail information.

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