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Build your corporate web-site is not a high cost, especially if you can match the Internet features and capabilities with your target. The Internet Technology itself will grows fast. Interactive site and multimedia content will be the trend in the information era. Building a complex web site structure, should adopt the possibility of changes, updated and development. The concept and general requirements of the website features and tools has to be taken and decided in initial task of web site designing phase.

The following items are the design requirements for Corporate Plan:
Estimated budget and timeline schedule
Pages content and concept. We are not provide the web content. It is recommended if you use copy writer or expertise in writing materials. There is no constraint for your page height in a page content. However, it is recommended to limit it by two times scrolling the monitor screen.
Audience target. Tell us your objectives and goals for your web site.
Any photo, images or graphic illustration which are related with your web-site.

For cost of the Corporate Plan please fill up our contact form . You will get 15 times free editing for 6 months after the final web site publishing. Please refer to design guideline for further detail information.

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